Rehabilitation Services

Mason Health provides excellent Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services to patients of all ages to help them achieve their best functional outcome.

Mason General Hospital

Phone: 1-360-427-9545
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  • Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Physical Therapy

Mason Health Physical Therapy team members are movement experts. They help patients reduce their pain and improve their mobility and function. Physical Therapy is effective for a wide variety of conditions and symptoms including muscle weakness, bone injuries, neurological, balance and developmental issues.

Occupational Therapy

Mason Health Occupational Therapy team members help patients increase their safety and independence with their daily activities. Occupational therapy focuses on optimizing patients’ functional use of their hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders incorporating each patient’s individual functional goals. Interventions are based on the client’s occupations they engage in and the context of those occupations.

Speech Therapy

Mason Health Speech Therapy team members help infants, children and adults to improve swallowing, communication skills and brain function to promote independence. The Speech Language Pathologists work with patients who have had a stroke, or suffer from other neurological, developmental or medical challenges.

Rehab Services 2021 Copy

Mason Health's Rehabilitation Services Team: From bottom to top row, left to right: Director of Rehabilitation Services Cheryl Woods; Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant Diana Franckowiak; Rehab Aide Cynthia Morrow; Physical Therapist Ashley Auseth; Speech Language Pathologists Erin Henley and Jennifer Owens; Office Assistants Kristina Yocum and Hailey Jenkins; Occupational Therapist Tawnie Easton; Rehab Aide Guillermo Delgadillo; Office Assistants Jo Anna Rasmussen and Amanda Dickson; Physical Therapist Keith Schmidt, DPT; and Physical Therapists Larry Messenger and John Takagi.

Not pictured: Rehab Aide Robin Boerner; Physical Therapist Vanessa Creed, DPT; Physical Therapist Erika Frisse, DPT; Physical Therapist Jeff Frisse; Physical Therapist Assistants Kyle Hoggard and Kaci Marsh; Office Assistant Veronica McKay; and Occupational Therapist Robin Schulbach

About Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Mason Health has excellent physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists who collaborate together to help children achieve the highest functional level possible. Our therapists provide quality sensory, motor, and social emotional play-based therapy for children within the community, as well as training and support for families and caregivers. Our therapists are experienced with helping children to develop their motor and language skills so that they function with the highest degree of independence, maximizing and improving the child’s quality of life.


Dir. of Rehabilitation Services Cheryl Woods, PT, with a patient