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Thank You Letter to Rehabilitation Services Department

The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation for the excellent care I received from the Mason General Hospital physical therapy group. Their outstanding professionalism, knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge were extremely effective in rapidly returning me to a normal life after my knee replacement on January 28 of this year, two days before my 87th birthday.

Special thanks go to their supervisor Cheryl Woods ... and PTA Keith Schmidt. It was amazing how their professionalism buoyed me back to normal, confident and painless use of my leg, and so quickly. This community is most fortunate in having this exceptional talent within our midst. Thanks to all in that organization.

Praise for the 3D Mammography Unit

I was impressed. We just moved here from Seattle, and I hadn’t done a mammogram in six years and I hadn’t gone to a new doctor. This is not like the old smash and metal plate thing. The area is so calm, all they need is a couch and a coffee pot. It’s very nice and it takes 20 minutes tops, in and out. It’s not painful and the ambiance is so nice. It’s important for people to go get their mammograms. My sister had breast cancer and my niece died of breast cancer. I might go again next year, that’s how nice it was. It doesn’t hurt like it used to.

Thank you to the Emergency Department

We were visiting from Alaska for Allyn Days and my 15-year-old son, Ian, had shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat one night. We went to the MGH Emergency Department and everyone was awesome as soon as we got there. They moved us back to triage right away and back to a room quickly. Our X-ray tech handled us with kindness and laughter. The nurse was hilarious. They were really fast. My son was fine. You would expect us to have to be there for a long time, but it wasn't long at all. I was impressed and super happy with our service.

Praise for our 3D Mammography Unit and Tammy Johnson, radiologic technologist aide

I come in every year because I had breast cancer eight years ago. I just absolutely love the new machine. It’s like a piece of cake. You can’t even feel it. Gosh, it seemed like I was there for a much shorter time. Usually, there is so much pressure. It was really nice and I always have the same gal, Tammy, who is very nice, very friendly. It makes it so much easier. You almost kind of dread going in because it did hurt a little bit. And now it doesn’t.

Thank you to MGH Walk-In Clinic and ER Department

“Mason County, you have a great resource in Mason General Hospital. I have bladder cancer and had major surgery at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Tacoma on April 15. On May 24, in spite of my vitals all being normal, my visiting nurse urged me to go to the MGH Walk-In Clinic because I was not getting any better. I wasn’t getting worse, but I wasn’t getting better. My body was burning muscle and I wasn’t eating. My friends also talked me into going. After five minutes of working on me, the provider at the Walk-In Clinic put me in a wheelchair and told me to go across the parking lot to the emergency room at Mason General Hospital. My friend drove me and immediately I became the first priority in the emergency room. I went in and out of consciousness. A doctor came in and told me, ‘They want your driver to drive you to St. Peter’s emergency room in Olympia … oh, that’s not right.’ And he walked right back out. I can only imagine the emergency room doctor arguing with the insurance company on the evening of the beginning of a three-day holiday weekend. Eventually, he told me that an ambulance was coming to take me to St. Joseph’s in Tacoma. I spent 10 nights at St. Joseph’s. I was in AFib, had a raging urinary tract infection and sepsis. This all began with someone in the Walk-In Clinic and continued with a doctor in emergency care who would not back down. Mason County, you have a great resource in Mason General Hospital, especially the people. Please honor them, respect them and support them.”

Online Patient Review from Social Media

I recently spent 10 days in hospital at Mason General. I received excellent comprehensive care from all the medical staff on the Med Surg floor, in radiology, emergency and from Dr. Clayton and staff at MGH Surgery Clinic. Could not recommend MGH and its partner physicians more.

Kudos to the Cancer Support Group

"I started attending the cancer support group through Harmony Hill and Mason General Hospital. I read about the group in January and had three cycles of chemo after my first initial, major surgery on Feb. 21, so I wasn’t able to go until April. Karen Hilburn happened to be there that afternoon. I knew immediately this was a group that would be very helpful for me and my after care. What stood out was the warmth and the acceptance and the fact that the group was a therapy situation, all confidential. The people sharing were very open. I felt comfortable my first night due to the warmth of the facilitators and the graciousness and the Pershing Room setting itself. It’s a very calming situation.”

Thank you to Jennifer Anderson, RT, and Jeanie Croft, RT, in Respiratory Therapy

“Thank you so much for being more like family. You have always treated me and my family wonderfully. I love you ladies from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being here and taking care of me."

Kudos to receptionist Tonia Lewandowski in the Ankle & Foot Clinic

“You are a fantastic employee! Thank you for helping me and solving every problem. You went above and beyond and called other departments. You called me back within 5 minutes and I was so extremely pleased. You are an excellent employee and I want to give you a thumbs up.”

Kudos to Rehabilitation Services Director Cheryl Woods, physical therapist Jeff Frisse and licensed physical therapist assistant Diana Franckowiak - Service from the Heart Commendation

“My encounters with these three Rehab Services staff was the most positive and I found the caring, can do manner and forthright honesty and dedication of these folks inspiring and conducive to my own betterment throughout my involvement with their program. I will certainly recommend the Mason PT program accordingly.”

Kudos to the Diagnostic Imaging Department Staff & Mammography Team Member - Service From the Heart Commendation

“I had a mammogram and I was so impressed by the speed and efficiency of the entire staff. The entire process, from the time I arrived, took only 20 minutes. The staff was very professional and friendly. The new mammo machine is great!”

“All of the staff should be highly praised! Thank you for all of your help.”

Patient Kudos given to staff at Mason General Hospital, MGH Olympic Physicians and the Environmental Services Department

"I could not have asked for better care, they were all so special. I have been to a lot of hospitals and this is the best! Special thanks the Environmental Services Department for keeping my room so clean."

Online Patient Review from Social Media

My family and I love this place, and have seen just about every doctor for just about every reason. I have two daughters 4 years old and 17 months. They are very willing to work with you for charity care, payments. My husband has gone to them since he was a kid. It is super cool that they just got a new computer system that connects to mason general so you can see ALL of your medical records, from the clinic to the hospital, online!

“Thank you for the assistance you provided to a mother in need when her car broke down on the main street outside of the hospital. She had her three small children in the car and was attempting to get them out and to the curb for safety. As it turned out, the children are patients at OBP (Oakland Bay Pediatrics). The use of your Spanish speaking skills assisted in calming the mother and helping direct her to a safe area. Your caring concern for a member of our community and her family has not gone unnoticed.”

“My experience with you in The Birth Center was awesome. You helped with prepping and were so sweet to me and my family. Thank you for being kind and courteous.”

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