Health and Wellness

Wellness Recommendations for ages 18 and Older

Ages 18 to 49:

  • Annual office visit
  • Cervical cancer screening every 3 years starting at age 21 for those who have not had a partial or total hysterectomy until age 65
  • Annual depression screening
  • Annual blood pressure monitoring
  • Lipid screen every 10 years
  • STD screenings as recommended by provider
  • Annual tobacco use screening
  • Annual screen for healthy weight and exercise
  • Annual screen for alcohol abuse
  • Annual flu vaccine
  • Tetanus-diphtheria vaccine every 10 years

Ages 50 to 79:

  • Aortic aneurysm screening, if there is a history of smoking, starting at age 60
  • Breast cancer screening every 2 years, or as recommend by provider
  • Colon cancer screening: Talk with your provider about the best method for you
  • Osteoporosis screening starting at 65 years old or older, as recommended by provider
  • Annual depression screening
  • Annual blood pressure monitoring
  • Lipid screen every 10 years
  • STD screenings as recommended by provider
  • Annual tobacco use screening
  • Annual healthy weight and exercise
  • Annual screen for alcohol abuse
  • Welcome to Medicare preventive exam: Within 12 months after eligibility date for Part B benefits
  • Annual Wellness Visit – Medicare covers once every 12 months
  • Annual flu vaccine
  • Tetanus-diphtheria vaccine every 10 years
  • Shingles vaccine for 50 and older (2-dose series)
  • Pneumococcal vaccine

The specific care you need might be different based on your health history and risk factors. If you have chronic conditions, you might need additional tests and immunizations. You should talk to your health care team to find out what is right for you, or if you have questions about the recommendations.

Additional Wellness Resources at Mason Health:

Mental Health and Wellness:

Patients can connect with our behavioral health providers through a referral from their primary care provider. Our behavioral health providers offer the following services:

  • Patient and family education
  • Goal planning
  • Medication management and education
  • Assistance with connecting to community services

Learn more at Behavioral Health & COVID-19 Wellness or ask your primary care provider for a referral.

Care Management:

Our care managers work with patient to provide education and management for chronic diseases. They also help patients identify and overcome barriers to fulfilling their care needs, and support you in becoming an active participant in your own health care. Contact your primary care provider for a referral.

Care-Management-with-patient.jpg#asset:10501Care Managers Sarah Fulkerson and Stacy Bonin, RN with a patient

Cancer Navigation:

Our patient navigator will work with you and your family to maximize your health experience. Learn more at Cancer Navigation.

Diabetes Wellness Services:

Our Diabetes Prevention Program includes individual or small group instruction, as well as monthly support groups and other educational programs. For more information, call the Diabetes Wellness Center at 360-427-7332.

Community Health Worker:

Mason Health has a Community Health Worker dedicated to connecting patients with health care and social services. They can also help patients prioritize their goals. Call 360-968-9026 or (360) 432-3296 for more information.

My Mason Health Portal:

At your Mason Health Portal, you can:

  • View lab results
  • Securely message your health care team
  • Manage and track your appointments
  • Review your end-of-visit summary from your appointment
  • View medications and allergies
  • Store personal health information

For more information, reach out to or (877) 621-8014, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday (except holidays)

Access to Dental Care

Mason Health in collaboration with CPAA wants to make the community aware of resources to access dental care for those that have an urgent dental care needs and are experiencing the physical and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Arcora Foundation has provided oral health education resources, including oral health messaging in telehealth visits at There is also information on urgent oral health care, DentistLink, and when patients need to see a dentist at


Mason General Hospital Wellness Garden

On the main floor at the center of Mason General Hospital is the Wellness Garden donated in 2004 by the Centennial Hospital Guild to give family and friends a private place to sit and relax while at MGH.

The Wellness Garden contains seating and paths designed for all types of visitors to use, regardless of their physical limitations.

If you are interested in getting in touch with your health, we encourage you to visit with any of our providers or schedule a time to meet with one the five new providers who have recently joined our community. Learn more about our new providers here.

2 Welness 004

HOPE Garden

Mason General Hospital is a proud supporter of the community HOPE Garden, located on the grounds of the hospital.

The HOPE garden is a Shelton-based nonprofit that receives funds from federal and local sources to educate low-income families on nutrition and health.

During the summer, for 15 hours a week, high school students come to tend to the garden for a stipend. Through the process, they learn job skills such as interviewing, and give back to the community when bringing the produce to local food banks.

"Most of my students have never had a job before," said HOPE Garden Executive Director Rachel Uberman. "They learn some really serious life skills, like communication. And they're able to use the money to help their families pay bills or buy school supplies or food for their family. Many have severe anxiety and most live in single-parent households. The HOPE Garden provides stability."

Click here to learn more about and donate to the HOPE Garden.

Hope Garden Slt
Senior Director of Diagnostics and Therapeutics Nicole Eddins, HOPE Garden Executive Director Rachel Uberman, Compliance Officer Laura Grubb, Chief Development and Communication Officer Jennifer Capps and Chief Nursing Officer Melissa Strong.
Rachel Uberman explains a project for students at the HOPE Garden at Mason General Hospital.

Get Out and Go Trail

Daily exercise is an important component of good health, so Mason Health is paving the way to wellness with a walking trail around the Hospital campus. The Get Out and Go Trail is completely paved and accessible for wheelchairs, strollers and walkers alike. Open to all residents, Hospital visitors, employees, families and friends, the trail is an excellent way to increase daily exercise.

The Get Out and Go Trail is approximately half a mile long, stretching from the hospital at the Wellness Garden on the west side of the facility, going south along Sherwood Lane, meandering east toward G Street, then up N 13th Street to Mountain View Drive, where it circles back to the Wellness Garden along Mountain View Drive. Completely paved, the trail connects the existing sidewalk to the new, black-topped portion of the trail, before reconnecting to existing sidewalk.

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