Release Date: Sep 09, 2019

SHELTON, WA – Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics has identified the OEC Elite CFD C-arm as the top fundraising priority for the Hospital District.

The OEC Elite CFD C-arm is a mobile, compact clinical imaging machine that offers crisp, clear and detailed pictures for surgical procedures. The innovative product has new and powerful features that enhance surgical imaging, such as a live, real-time zoom that allows clinicians to hone in on critical details, a general HD imaging profile that softens bones and dense tissue on x-rays while enhancing visualization so clinicians can more easily see procedures like catheter insertions, and a motorized drive that remembers preferred options, including table side controls and last shot.

A product of GE Healthcare, the OEC Elite CFD C-arm can be used in a variety of surgical procedures, from vascular and cardiac surgeries to orthopedic and gastrointestinal procedures. This line of C-arm improves upon previous models because it enables surgeons to see more anatomy in detail at a lower radiation dose. It can also be used for a more versatile mix of patients and procedures, while enhancing surgical workflow with its ergonomic and efficient design.

“This C-arm streamlines our procedures in the operating room with some of the most clear images I have seen in my 15-plus years in the field of Diagnostic Imaging,” said Shane Faford, manager of Mason General Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department. “It also provides a substantial decrease in radiation exposure to our patients.”

The total budgeted fundraising need for the OEC Elite CFD C-arm is $244,860. The C-arm is the top fundraising priority for Mason General Hospital Foundation and Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics. This new cutting-edge equipment is the Fund-An-Item for Mason General Hospital Foundation’s annual Fantasy Forest event in November.

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