2018 Medical Officers Elected And Chiefs Of Service Appointed

Release Date: Mar 09, 2018

The staff of more than 100 physicians – active, courtesy, and consulting – with privileges at Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics, recently re-elected its medical officers and appointed its Chiefs of Service for 2018.  

The officers include: Chief of Staff Douglas Dightman, M.D., board-certified in family medicine;  Assistant Chief of Staff John Short, M.D., board-certified in emergency medicine;  and past Chief of Staff John Clayton, D.O., board-certified in general surgery. 

The 2018 Clinical Chief of Service department heads are: Chief of Anesthesia – Robert Anderson, CRNA;  Chief of Inpatient Medicine – Douglas Lindahl, D.O.;  Chief of Emergency Services – Joseph Hoffman, M.D.;  Chief of Pediatrics – David Myers, M.D.;  Chief of Laboratory Services – Nisreen Fidda, M.D.;  Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology – Andrea Martin, M.D.;  Chief of Surgery – Michael Henry, M.D.;  Chief of Radiology – Kevin  J. Roscoe, M.D.; Chief of Pharmacy – Douglas Lindahl, D.O.;  and Chief of Primary Care – James Stauffer, PA-C.