COVID-19 Relief Donations


Mason General Hospital Foundation Board Member Gives Back to the Community!

**As a special thank you, MGH Foundation Board Member John Bonin, Attorney at Law, will offer a free up to one hour legal consultation for those who have donated PPE. Must present Gift-In-Kind receipt. Subject to a conflict of interest check. Contact the Development and Foundation Office at 360-427-3622 for contact information.


All of us at Mason Health are extremely grateful to the individuals and businesses who have reached out and offered what they can to us --- everything from hospital beds to face masks and medical grade supplies. We are very appreciative of your generosity!

How can you help Mason Health with a Donation? See details below.

During these challenging times we are elated to see our mission statement come to life: United Community, Empowered People, Exceptional Health. Our community is truly united right now and empowered to help deliver exceptional health care to the community. We are deeply appreciative.

We are currently accepting the following donations:


The Mason Health Development Office is fielding these donations. Call 360-427-3622 or email to inquire about making a donation.

If you would like to make a cash contribution, click the image below or here:



Thank you so much to the individuals and businesses in the community that have given back during this time. The donations have included gloves, face masks, scrub or skull caps, and other personal protective equipment, as well as tokens of appreciation, such as signage and food.

The following list is not comprehensive, but includes donors who have given us permission to list their names:

  • Alliant Employee Benefits and Sr. Vice President Lisa Hunter
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Tanna Avila
  • Charity Burton
  • Andrew Davis and AVANT Communications
  • Dorothy Ford
  • Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Dr. Monica Vuong, Owen Kikuta and Nigel and Neyoli Kikuta
  • Rik Lewis, Healthcare Resource Group
  • Vickie Meadows and Chris Veblen
  • Harold Moller
  • Northwest Custom Tees and owner Becky Adams
  • Dr. Brian Oleson, DDS
  • Michelle Olsen
  • Magin Pierson and Coty, Inc.
  • Lisa Ribera
  • The Shopper and Owner Jeff Neely
  • Shelton Dental Center
  • Shelton Domino's Pizza and Manager Jaron Garza
  • Thomas Straub and the Kitsap COVID-19 PPE Maker Team
  • Walmart of Shelton and Manager Dawn Shekunas
  • Washington Department of Corrections Sustainable Practice Lab
  • Washington State Hospital Association
  • Lisa Welander

**This list of donors will be updated as we get permission to publish names.