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Construction Fun Facts

MGHF Auxiliary Gift Shop

Hours of Operation and Contact Information

The Gift Shop hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please take time to stop by as they have lots of great new merchandise. For information please call 360-426-1611, ext. 3307.

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Campus Renewal
Construction Project

Hospital's Two-Year Campus Renewal and Construction Project Completed – Staff and Physicians Honored

Two years ago, Mason General Hospital broke ground on a 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the art Surgery Wing in Phase 1 of the two-phase Campus Renewal Construction Project. Phase 1 was completed in summer of 2012 with Phase 2 beginning August 2012. Now, with Phase 2 completed, Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics will honor its staff and physicians for their role in making this transformation a reality with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, May 15, at 9 a.m. The public is invited to attend the event that is taking place in the Hospital’s North (ER) Entrance. A reception will immediately follow this event.

Phase 1 of the Project created the new Main Entrance, and Surgery Wing comprised of Outpatient Services, a Post Anesthesia Care unit, three new operating suites, two endoscopy rooms, a central sterilization area, a lab draw station, and surgery support space. In addition, upgrades were made to the nurses’ stations and inpatient rooms in the Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics unit and in The Birth Center. To facilitate a healthy environment and promote activity, a mile-long walking path open to patients, staff and visitors was added to the campus grounds, named the “Get Out and Go Trail”.

Phase 2 included expanding the Diagnostic Imaging Department with the addition of an Open MRI unit, and the upgrading and modernization of the Emergency Department. Patient rooms were also updated, the Auxiliary Gift Shop enlarged, new meeting rooms added, and the cafeteria was expanded to what is now called the “Bistro in the Basement”.

“The ground breaking in April 2011 was an exciting time for our community. With an extremely favorable economic climate for construction, we had an extraordinary opportunity to make these high-priority improvements through the Federal stimulus Build America Bonds program and therefore we did not need a voter-approved bond. The Campus Renewal Project has been completed under budget and ahead of schedule and this because of our incredible team of staff members and physicians.” said Scott Hilburn, Hospital Board commissioner. “These improvements will give us the flexibility to respond to future changes in the delivery of local healthcare and assure our continued ability to provide high-quality services. More importantly, hospital services have changed dramatically in the past quarter-century, and MGH&FC is committed to investing in the future of quality healthcare right here, close to home in our community.”

“I am overwhelmed and thrilled by the amount of collaboration, teamwork and esprit de corps demonstrated by the staff and physicians during this time,” said Eric Moll, CEO at MGH&FC. “Their support has been instrumental in making the transformation of our hospital a reality for all of us. I am very excited about acknowledging their outstanding level of dedication and professionalism on May 15 at the Ribbon Cutting ceremony which is dedicated to them. Their work has been the absolute key to the success of the Campus Renewal and Construction Project.”

“As a hospital district we are very proud of our services, equipment, facilities, and our Campus Renewal and Construction Project,” added Hilburn. “What sets MGH&FC apart from other hospitals ‒ larger and smaller – is the care provided by our dedicated physicians and staff members. MGH&FC regularly receives notes of appreciation from patients and their families about the high level of quality care they received”.

Open House and Dedication Ceremony - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Get Out and Go Trail Dedication

Cutting the ribbon at May’s Walking Trail Dedication is Annabelle “A.B.” Gammons, a student from Mtn. View Elementary School. She and 200 fellow students came for the opening ceremony. Holding the ribbon (far left) are Shelton Chamber of Commerce member, Allison Wagner; Chamber Executive Director Heidi McCutcheon; Hospital Commissioners Nancy Trucksess, Don Wilson, and Scott Hilburn; MGH & FC CAO Eric Moll; and Chamber member, Stephen Andrewski.

Watch the Relocation of the 140 Year Old Japanese Maple

Watch the demolition of the Old Entrance and Overhang

Steady Financial Position Allows Hospital to Move Ahead With Facility Master Plan

After several consecutive years of a steady financial performance, coupled with an extremely favorable climate for construction, we are pleased to announce Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics has an extraordinary opportunity to make several high priority improvements over the next two years in the facility. The estimated $33 million cost of these projects will be financed by operating revenues and will not require a taxpayer bond.

These improvements include:

  • The addition of a new surgery wing to the existing hospital.
  • New operating suites to accommodate new technologies and replace existing rooms that are too small to meet current and future needs.
  • An expanded and modernized emergency department to accommodate current and future patient needs and to increase patient privacy and provide more space for waiting patients.
  • Upgrades to inpatient rooms and waiting areas to better accommodate patients and families and provide privacy for confidential meetings between doctors and families.

These improvements will implement top priorities in MGH’s Facility Master Plan that is part of Mason General’s ten-year strategic plan, and increase the Hospital’s flexibility that will enable it to respond to future changes in care delivery. We are very excited about this opportunity, and look forward to the added value it brings to the community’s healthcare.

Facility Master Plan Facts

Investing in the Future of Quality Care at Mason General

In November 2009, the District announced plans to build new surgical facilities, expand and modernize its emergency department and improve patient rooms and waiting areas. Design and bidding documents are expected to be completed in late 2010 to early 2011 and construction begun in early 2011. Below you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions from the members of our community. We look forward to sharing more information with you as our this project progresses.

Why are new surgical facilities needed?

One of the most important services the hospital provides to residents of the area is a convenient, high quality surgical program. The Hospital currently has three operating rooms; two of them date back to the original building that was completed in 1968 and the third added in 1992. Larger operating rooms configured for new technology and improved recovery and waiting areas are needed to support current and future demands, particularly for outpatient surgery.

Why does the emergency department need to be expanded?

Emergency room visits have increased by nearly 36% just since 2000. More treatment rooms are needed in order to meet current and projected demand and increased privacy. Currently we see 50% more patients per emergency department room than the national average. A convenient, well-equipped and professionally staffed emergency department is essential for our community.

Why is this happening now?

There are four factors that have contributed to making this the appropriate time to begin this construction project:

  • Construction costs are low.
  • Borrowing rates are favorable.
  • A steady financial position allows us to borrow money and will make it possible for us to fund a part of the construction costs.
  • We have been spending money annually to make improvements to our facility. This annual allocation will enable us to leverage dollars and fund a much larger project.

Why are improvements needed in patient rooms and public areas?

Part of the need arises from the fact that the Hospital is now 50 years old and has not had a major upgrade since 1968. But other reasons are important, too. Hospital services have changed dramatically in the past quarter of a century. More of our patients arrive for outpatient procedures or short stays. Often, family members accompany patients and wait while procedures are being done. These changes require different kinds of patient and waiting rooms.

Why were new surgical and emergency improvements chosen over other alternatives?

The District maintains a ten-year strategic plan that is reviewed and updated periodically. Our Facility Master Plan is an important element in achieving our strategic goals. The needs for new surgical facilities and an expanded emergency department are identified as top priorities in this plan. Our decision to make surgery and the emergency departments our top priorities is based on need, information from national and local statistics, a thorough analysis of utilization, and comparative information obtained from other hospitals.

Will the new surgery facilities and expanded emergency department require new buildings?

Yes, we will add a new surgery wing. The area where the existing surgery suite is located will become available for expansion of the emergency department and other uses.